NCBI Diversity Programs for International Schools

Community Building, Prejudice Reduction, Anti-Bullying and Violence Prevention

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) has adapted its successful training models for the specific needs of international schools and is offering these programs throughout Europe and in other countries. Students at these schools have special opportunities and challenges due to their international orientation: diverse colleagues, cultural differences, frequent change, and mobility. International schools provide a powerful opportunity for these young people to acquire NCBI training in leadership skills that will benefit them in school, as members of their community and later in their professional lives.

NCBI is an international non-profit leadership training organization based in Washington, D.C. with regional offices. Two of them – in Zurich (page in German) and London launched a program serving international schools. NCBI assesses the local needs and trains a corps of leaders in an institution who learn effective bridge-building skills to resolve inter-group conflicts. These leaders work together as a resource team to build cohesion, reduce inter-group tension and prevent bullying.

NCBI believes that blaming people for their prejudicial views increases their defensiveness and prevents them from honestly examining their negative attitudes. NCBI creates a safe environment, where community members can address a wide range of diversity issues, including race, gender, socioeconomic status, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. By sharing and listening to personal stories of discrimination, participants increase their sensitivity and motivation to pursue constructive interventions. Through skill building, participants develop the ability to shift prejudicial attitudes. They learn to respond effectively to abuse, resolve conflict and intervene productively in negative situations.

NCBI’s regional center in Switzerland has developed teams at more than 60 schools. Each year thousands of students learn to resolve conflicts, reduce prejudice and build community. NCBI’s regional center in England pioneered programs to teach children ways to prevent bullying, helping them to raise their self-esteem. In 2004, NCBI-UK was awarded the Silver Standard Award for Diversity in Education. Additional programs support parents of children facing bullying or empower young women to find their voices and support one another in meaningful ways.

NCBI has worked with international schools in Belgium, Switzerland, and England and is reaching out to serve additional institutions. For further information:
Ron Halbright, Ellen Gormley, NCBI Switzerland, ron.halbright(at), +41 44 721 10 50
Rita Halbright, NCBI London, rita(at), +44 7711 330267

Letters of Recommendation and testimonies

An incident leads to a Diversity Team at ISB, written by Saba Movahedi, 12th grader, and coordinator of the International School of Brussels Diversity Team
What faculty say about NCBI, statements written by faculty members of different International Schools
Dealing with conflict in international schools, IS Magazine, summer 2008, page 1 (532 KB) and page 2 (392 KB)

Letter of reference by Alan Andrew, International School of Brussels (1.9 MB)
Letter of reference by Chris Akin, Zurich International School (292 KB)
Letter of reference by Sean Walker, Southbank International School, London (jpg-Format, 1.3 MB)
Letter of reference by Laken Randhawa and Terry Hedger, Southbank International School, London (jpg-Format, 996 KB)